I am really happy to offer these free and gratis templates for TYPO3.

On this page you will find all templates that have been made available by me as t3d-files. Thanks to Andreas Viklund that he allowed me to use his templates!

The templates:

The HTML-Templates: 1024px Templates
The TYPO3-Export: 1024px TypoScript (t3d)
Description: This template is a pure solid design with two columns optimized for a screen resolution of 1024 px and above.

The HTML-Templates: Andreas00 Templates
The TYPO3-Export: Andreas00 TypoScript (t3d)
Description: This design is simple but nice. The menu is styled very pritty via CSS. You can change the banner in the CSS file.

The HTML-Templates: Andreas01 Templates
The TYPO3-Export: Andreas01 TypoScript (t3d)
Description: Simple and clean 3-column layout with header and footer. Clean and classic design, the most popular of Andreas templates. Print stylesheet also included.

The HTML-Templates: Andreas02 Templates
The TYPO3-Export: Andreas02 TypoScript (t3d)
Beschreibung: A two column layout. Besides the normal menus on top and on the right it is possible to define a sidebar menu to the to right. The text in the banner can be defined per page. A printview is included.

The HTML-Templates: Andreas03 Template
The TYPO3-Export: Andreas03 TypoScript (t3d)
Description: A two column layout. You can place content in the right colum underneath the menu. The text in the banner can be defined per page.

The HTML-Templates: Andreas04 Templates
The TYPO3-Export: Andreas04 TypoScript (t3d)
Description: A two column layout. The width of the layout is not fixed.

The HTML-Templates: Andreas05 Templates
The TYPO3-Export: Andreas05 TypoScript (t3d)
Description: A simple Layout. Underneath the menu you can place content.

The HTML-Templates: Andreas06 Templates
The TYPO3-Export: Andreas06 TypoScript (t3d)
Description: Andreas06 is a nice Template. You can put content in the right corner. A breadcrumb-navigation is provided.

The HTML-Templates: Andreas07 Templates
The TYPO3-Export: Andreas07 TypoScript (t3d)
Description: Andreas07 is a Template which offers a right column for content.

I will release more templates in the near future!

How do I install it?
For all these examples i asume that you use a fresh TYPO3 installation.

1. Installation of TemplaVoila

2. Upload the template files and extract them.
Upload the template files to your server under „fileadmin“. Extract them in a new folder „templates“. The result should be someting like this:

Template Ordner

3. Import the t3d file (TypoScript and pages)

4. Configurationn (optional)
Depending on the template you can configure some values by changing some constants: